Commercial sector

Although the corporate sector has managed to bounce back from the economic downturn of 2008, there are still challenges ahead for British businesses in terms of Brexit. OBM have worked with a wealth of corporate clients over the last ten years, learning from our experience of working with large international household name companies to smaller start ups from diverse sectors such as logistics, media, manufacturing, transport and property. This wide range of experience enables us to support both larger companies and SMEs. We understand the pressures that senior management teams are under to meet the demands from their business, enabling them to maintain their high standards and achieve further growth in the future. 

Supporting SMEs across different sectors

  • Micro enterprises – under 10 employees and turnover ≤ £2 million
    Working directly with the owner/managing director of the enterprise we ensure the details of each project we work on is explained, where required.
  • Small business – under 50 employees and turnover ≤ £10 million
    Every small business comes with their own challenges. Through our dedicated account managers we run on-site assessments to better understand how we can support your business no matter what sector you are from.  
  • Medium sized – under 250 employees and turnover ≤ £50 million
    Our clients in this category are often multi-sited and can range from 2 to 50 different locations. We have extensive experience of supporting clients with multiple sites, many of which have high utility usage. This allows us to negotiate better deals on your behalf and maximise the opportunity.

Our service will benefit your company by:

  • directly reducing your costs,
  • reducing the burden on your staff, saving you time,
  • offering no up-front costs, commission is only taken once savings have been made, and
  • delivering transparent reporting, with a dedicated account manager.